The first step….


So I have been considering writing a blog for a while, I am not a big reader of blogs on a whole, but occasionally I will look for some advice on some cycling tips.

So i’m 26, originally from Northern Ireland and I work as a project coordinator in the construction industry in Manchester. My biggest hobby is cycling, I bought my bike a year ago last month. I had planned to enter the Ride London 100 and try and raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Care, so my first task was buying a bike. After much deliberation I decided on a Cannondale Synapse and immediately fell in love.


My plan is to blog about my ongoing training, update on you on other things going on in my life and try and insert some humour here and there (I can’t promise on the latter).

I am currently in the process of deciding what my challenge will be for next year. I inadvertently agreed to take part in the Great Manchester Run, Swim and Cycle for the Manchester Deaf Club but feel I need something more challenging. More on this over the coming months.

This weeks exciting event was successfully fitting my new mudguards (Crud Roadracer MK2). I had read it was pretty difficult but nothing prepared me for the frustration I felt on Thursday after work. After an hour of fiddling and an array of swear words I triumphantly raised my arms in the air and viewed my handy work. I left work in the rain and was pretty impressed by the lack of spray hitting my feet and arse. I made it home reasonably dry and happy. Even if I only get a season out of them, for 20 quid I can’t complain.

So I think I will sign off there, I don’t want to get too carried away on my first go. Hopefully you will find the above at least a little interesting and possibly funny(?). Please share and/ or leave a comment.

Thanks 🙂


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Age: 26 Born: Northern Ireland Living: Manchester Work: Project Coordinator Love: Cycling, Beer, Music

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