Snowdon adventure 

We set of early on the Saturday morning. Direction – west. Destination – Snowdon. 

The forecast wasn’t great but we thought we would give it a go anyway. 

The journey to Snowdon seemed to take much longer than last time and by the time we actually parked up I was ready for home again. 

Once I realised I was 26, not 80, we got our boots on, backpack repacked and headed up the start of the miners trail (we couldn’t find the start of that so just took whatever was infront of us which happened to be the Pyg trail).

I had read somewhere that the miners track was the easiest route up the mountain but obviously this information was useless due to the fact we were on another trail. 

After quite a bit of climbing up and over, the path levelled out for a nice stroll for a couple of miles. 


I love a picture as much as the next man and the views really take your breath away. This part of Wales is beautiful and if you have the chance I urge you to visit.

When you are nicely in your comfort zone the mountain throws it’s next challenge. You start your assent to the summit. This involves a bit of climbing here and there, waiting for others coming the other way to clamber down difficult areas while you impatiently look for others routes to get on your way and the odd look back to remind yourself of the scenery. 

There are parts that can give you butterfly’s. Bully big bollocks over here is scared of heights so when I get to a certain height I feel a bit dizzy and become a 3 year old girl. My better half  doesnt suffer from 3 year old girl syndrome so carries on regardless. I felt a bit queasy until we were nearer the summit and the path is wider and I felt a bit more secure. 

Again the views on either side of the mountain here are amazing.  

There is then a short, easy walk to the summit where you will find a cafe. On this particular day it was pretty busy so we had a quick loo break, had some food and it ourselves ready  ready to head back down. 

As you can see from the pictures the weather was very forgiving. When you were in a sheltered area it was pretty warm but the wind was fierce and would cool you down in minutes so it’s important to make sure you have the correct clothing with you for all situations. 

Myself and Laura (my girlfriend) made it up and down in around 5 hours and 30 minutes which we were impressed with. 

Note – coming down is much more difficult than going up. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear to protect your knees and ankles. 

When you get down make sure you find a I lovely little pub to have a nice meal and a celebratory pint. We certainly did. 

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