Onset of the wind and rain 

Most of you have probably noticed that the wind is picking up and unexpected rain showers (or constant rain) are becoming the norm. Welcome to the stage – winter!

A large percentage are probably, like me, struggling to keep the enthusiasm and motivation we had in abundance through the summer when we had long sunny evenings. 

On thing I always seem to forget when winter comes around again is the wind. Sometimes it’s in your face the whole cycle no matter what way you turn. 

My daily commute feels like a slog and completely zaps my energy in a light wind.

On the way home I feel like I’m being swept along by the tailwind gods. 

My club riding has taken a hit recently as well which won’t help. The long weekend base training rides will come as a shock to the system, that’s for sure. 

Any tips to rekindle the training buzz from the summer?